/ CMD / Aspect, Monitor Arm

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After carrying out a series of successful strategic projects for CMD, AME were invited to design an innovative pole-mounted flat screen monitor arm to integrate with modern office furniture systems.

CMD / Aspect, Monitor Arm
CMD / Aspect, Monitor Arm
CMD / Aspect, Monitor Arm

The key principles behind the innovative Aspect monitor arm was ease of use. Whilst many existing monitor arms offered full ergonomic adjustability to suit the individual user, often the complex process involved in making the necessary adjustments resulted in the product never being set up correctly.

AME developed a unique button release feature which enabled quick and effective height adjustment to suit the user. The Aspect arm was also designed with a slim line, linear appearance to enable it to blend into modern, high specification office interiors, whilst being able to fold back completely flat to allow the user to benefit from their whole workspace.

“AME have worked with us on a number of projects, providing a great compliment to our internal teams. We have found the user focused insight work to be particularly valuable in highlighting consumer requirements and helping us deliver innovative products.” - Marketing Director, CMD